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Small & Sweet

Before/After Comparison:
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This cute little home was really outdated. The vinyl siding and the style of the old exterior needed to be brought into the current century!

Our clients wanted a covered front step that incorporated some natural wood tones. They liked the look of solid brick so we used a modern, dark brick on the pillars and under the front window. The front windows were replaced and foam insulation was applied under the siding to increase R-value on this older home. The original gables on the home drained into eachother – which isn’t a great setup. We changed all the rooflines to create a more effective and attractive design, and provide a roof to cover the front step.

Located at the back of the house was an old ‘handyman’ kind of covered porch. It was removed to provide a covered barbecue patio. The roof over the patio is vaulted inside – adding a roomier feel and a unique look. Add the timberframe and you’ve got a solid, sweet barbecue area to enjoy the outdoors!

The new Hardy siding and the shake accents in the roofline sure make this place more attractive – the homeowners are very pleased with the practical and eye-pleasing materials we used to update this lovely home. It blends nicely with the neighbourhood and is definitely more energy efficient!

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