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Historic Cottage

Before/After Comparison:
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The homeowners love living in their quaint, historic bungalow that was built in 1922. It’s located in the middle of a bustling neighbourhood, full of walk-up apartment buildings and large infill homes.  We added a bit of living space by rebuilding the front porch, but space wasn’t their main priority. They wanted a nice update that upheld the original look and integrity of this sweet old house.

Note the intricate windows – they are a custom-made reproduction of the originals! They really add curb appeal and keep the original look, along with the re-styled pillars, new front step and re-vamped front roof-line.

The siding was updated, and we added those pretty shingles and the peak over the entryway. We think the eye-catching new colour scheme would have been quite a statement in the 1920’s and would have been considered very up-scale – bet the neighbours would have approved!

By investing in excellent exterior finishes, it is not only stylish, it’s beautifully updated with current building products and finishes that will stand up to time and elements. Now, the exterior is virtually maintenance free and the owners can enjoy their cozy home for years to come.

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