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Another gorgeous country home. The owners of this home work in the theatre – they’re very creative and artistic! We gave them an inspiring kitchen makeover and a fresh ensuite bathroom.

Imagine having a barbecue in your kitchen! Yes, the old kitchen had a barbecue in it with a VERY large hood fan – supposedly to draw smoke – but it never really worked well. Changing the ductwork to accommodate a proper range hood was a task in itself. The kitchen sink looked at a wall; we moved it across the room to provide a view, making kitchen chores a bit more pleasant. And those lovely yellow cabinets… they had to go! Another interesting kitchen feature was the massive stone fireplace; the back of the fireplace served as a feature wall and backsplash. Incorporating the stone wall into the kitchen design was a challenge, but it was important to the homeowners who appreciated the beauty of the natural stone.

The en-suite was old and dated, and had a sunken bath tub. Revamping this room meant changing the entire format while at the same time, being extremely respectful of the surrounding areas as it is located on the second floor, through the master bedroom. The shower was finished with a beautiful pebble-tiled floor with a clean and clear glass shower enclosure that brings nature indoors by incorporating a large vertical window. Add a big, freestanding soaker tub and it is heaven…

The project turned out just the way the homeowners hoped it would. It’s beautiful, cozy and inspiring and totally matches the beauty of this lovely acreage property. Our clients are thrilled with the results.

What the Owners Love

  • Congratulations on having such a talented, courteous, great team of employees. We love the changes and will enjoy our home so much more because of them. What an excellent, detailed, thoughtful job you did. Going above and beyond…

    Despite a few set-backs, the project came in at our agreed budget and with care and attention to detail.

    Thank you to all at Home Style Construction!

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