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Why Hire a Professional Renovator?

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So, what’s in it for me when I hire a “professional renovator?”

Well quite frankly, if you want it done right… everything.

Renovating is a complicated endeavour in planning and organizing, estimating and implementing. Most folks don’t know how many details are involved – they see the DIY and ‘Fix & Flip’ shows and think it looks easy!

There is an order and a process for everything that gets done on the jobsite, as well as an order and process for everything that gets done off site. Ordering materials and planning when subtrades arrive is a very strategic system. You’ll want to make sure that your drywall and taping is completely done before your beautiful hardwood is laid… and that your cabinets are installed before your flooring goes down… If you are considering replacing all your windows in the future, you aren’t going to want to do an exterior paint or siding job first. These examples are fairly obvious; there are tons of little things that need to be done in order that you may never have even considered!

Your professional renovator has years of experience in planning and organizing and knows how to efficiently run your job. Sometimes our customers can be their own worst enemies! We know that some of the design and décor decisions are difficult but products and finishes all need to be decided upon well in advance. Windows, cabinets and flooring (for example) often take weeks to manufacture – so you’ll want to make sure your contractor has all this information right from the start.

Why can renovations be so expensive?

There are plenty of reasons! Oftentimes we are fixing old handyman work that wasn’t done properly; sometimes there is a surprise inside your walls or floor, like outdated electrical wiring or plumbing that is starting to fail. Simply ‘patching’ up stuff like this is a recipe for disaster so you’ll want it done right. Building from scratch is simpler because there’s nothing to tear down or fix first.

In the words of the professional, do it right. We know you’ll be happier with the finished product.